Precipitation Monitoring

The District Monitors precipitation data at 8 locations throughout the county. Six stations are District owned Rainwise Inc. rain gauges, one with the Overton Texas A&M Agrilife Extension weather station, and the Henderson NOAA weather station. On a monthly basis an average of each rain gauge provides approximate rainfall for the county. Collected precipitation data is available online and updated on a monthly basis.

Year To Date Precipitation

November 2018 – 49.37”
November 2017 – 37.70”
November 2016 – 46.35”
Average Year Cumulative for November 41.15”

Drought Monitor

Very Moist Spell

Drought Monitoring

Texas Drought Monitor Map
Palmer Drought Severity Index Map
Soil Moisture Map
Texas Burn Bans Map
TWDB Precipitation Stations/TEXMESONET Map
National Weather Service Precipitation Estimates Map
NOAA Rusk County Weather Stations
TCEQ List of PWSs Limiting Water Use to Avoid Shortages
TCEQ Map of Water Systems under Water Use Restrictions
TWDB Drought Resources Page
TWDB Flood Viewer

Aquifer Monitoring

The District monitors the static water level of numerous wells throughout Rusk County for the ability to monitor water levels and aquifer conditions over time. The collection of hydrogeologic data such as water levels is key to the District’s Mission and all resulting policies, management objectives and rules. Collection of this data along with groundwater production reports and estimates, accurate well location and completion data and other hydrogeologic properties assists the District to better understand and manage the groundwater resources. This collected data also assists the District in establishing Desired Future Conditions (DFC) of the aquifers, in the improvement of the Groundwater Availability Model (GAM), in monitoring current conditions of the aquifers, in making planning decisions, and in development of District Rules.
•    Monthly: A network of 15 monitor wells in 2006 was established to monitor aquifer fluctuations. The fluctuation graphs are available online and updated on a monthly basis. Graph available here
•    Quarterly: A network of an average of 100 monitor wells in 2009 was established to monitor aquifer fluctuations. Quarterly water level fluctuations from the prior quarter can be viewed in map form. Map available here
•    Real Time Monitoring: Beginning October 2010 the District in cooperation with NOAA and the TWDB installed four automatic water level recorders in monitor wells.

State Well Number 3543906


State Well Number 3541604


State Well Number 3558405


State Well Number 3702905