Water Education Center

The Water Education Center was developed by the Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District through local donations and assistance and District funds. It is a center of learning to promote water education, conservation and stewardship. It is equipped with interactive displays accompanied by short educational videos.
Different age levels ranging from Kindergarten to 8th graders have been involved in the hands-on classroom setting participating in conversations and activities involving the Water Cycle, Groundwater Science, Surface Water Rights, Wetland Significance, Desalination, Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Conservation, and the Geology of Rusk County.
District Staff also provide similar educational opportunities outside of the Water Education Center to our area schools and various club meetings.

Major Rivers

The Major Rivers Education Program is an excellent program designed by the Texas Water Development Board with 4th and 5th graders in mind. The lessons objectives not only define important knowledge and skills related to water, but they also support many of the Texas Education Agency’s TEKS and STAAR objectives for social studies, science, language arts and math.

The Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District makes this program available to each public education grade school located within the District by providing the teacher and student work books and resources of Major Rivers at the beginning of the school year for our area 4th and 5th graders.

Visit the TWDB Major Rivers Education Program website