Water Education

The District supports the Texas 4-H Water Ambassador Program.  Ambassadors help educate youth and adults in their communities. They commit to acquiring water knowledge throughout their 12-months of service.  Local Ambassadors even spend time with District personnel in the field learning about methods of monitoring Rusk County’s groundwater.  This helps them gain credit for service to the local community.  See Texas 4-H Water Ambassadors site for more.

Water Education and Conservation presentations are given mainly to elementary students and civic clubs.  Topics include the Water Cycle, Groundwater Science, Water Rights, and Water Conservation.

Major Rivers

The Major Rivers Education Program is an excellent program designed by the Texas Water Development Board with 4th and 5th graders in mind. The lessons objectives not only define important knowledge and skills related to water, but they also support many of the Texas Education Agency’s TEKS and STAAR objectives for social studies, science, language arts and math.

Educators may visit the TWDB Major Rivers Education Program website. Materials are available for download!