Water is not a Commodity to be Pumped to Depletion

Water rights are protected when conservation districts regulate groundwater pumping. That makes water unlike oil and gas – a similarity a recent commentary suggested. If water is pumped until it’s gone, the land is useless. Not so with oil and gas.” Click the link for full story.

With continued pressure from water marketers on groundwater conservation districts at all levels from the Texas Legislature to local GCD Regulation, reminders of why groundwater is regulated locally rather than by the State and to not be treated as a resource that is never ending and to be protected is pertinent. Groundwater in the State of Texas is a Private Property Right and it is the GCD’s responsibility to manage the groundwater resources to protect those rights. The Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District takes this responsibility seriously and conducts itself beyond reproach by maintaining transparency to the public and self-accountability.