Keithville Water Well Drilling & Service Temporarily barred from Drilling in Rusk County

The Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District (District) performs a variety of services to protect, preserve, and conserve the groundwater resources of the District for its Rusk County Citizens and well owners. One of our top services is following up with each newly developed water well and conducting a healthy well inspection which includes inspecting the well to verify the water well driller followed State Regulations and District Rules in completing the water well. Water wells that are found to not meet State and District standards and setbacks can pose a serious threat of contamination to the groundwater and well owners.

After inspecting two wells drilled by Jeffrey C. Talley of KWS Water Well Drilling and Service formally known as Keithville Well Drilling and Service based out of Keithville, LA, the District found several driller violations. From commingling waters of different water quality, to failing to place an adequate minimum ten-foot annular seal on a well, and drilling without authorization from the District. After continued efforts to have the driller bring the wells into compliance the District’s board in a regular scheduled board meeting held January 8, 2018 took action to approve enforcement orders per individual well against Jeffrey C. Talley. The orders are ‘Cease and Desist any drilling within the District (Rusk County)’ towards Jeffrey C. Talley of KWS Drilling and Service until the orders are satisfied. Once Mr. Talley is in compliance with the District he will then be allowed to begin drilling services in the District again.

For questions please contact the General Manager, Amanda Maloukis of the Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District, (903)657-1900.